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GLORIA by Sanae Kanda

written in loving memory of Gloria A. Milnarik 
November 1, 1942 - November 11, 2013
Performed by Michael S. Milnarik, tuba & Sanae Kanda, piano
Performed on April 4, 2013 @ Salem State University


FIRE DANCE by Sanae Kanda

Fun tune… FIRE DANCE by Sanae Kanda from our recital at Tufts University on March 12, 2013.


One of the problems with education…

There are many, many GREAT teachers teaching today, we all know some amazing ones that have touched our lives in a very positive way.  However, one of the problems with education is WHO is graduating from our colleges and universities.  In some institutions the standard is extremely low and as long as a student passes the required coursework and pays their tuition bills - they receive a degree…which translates to them being qualified to teach.  This is wrong.  There needs to be higher standards.  Higher standards in education start with who we let teach.

This topic is difficult because there are many factors that contribute to this issue.  This one is something to think about.

It’s never too early to start practicing!

I was first introduced to Japanese bands like these about 4 years ago. This is EL. E. MEN.TARY. SCHOOL!! I know college students that can’t even play major scales!!

Check THIS out!


tubaman1 asked: Who were you tuba influences as a student

Check this article out… “Exposure

Be a great teacher…

A true educator teaches by example.  They have practical real world or “hands on” experience in their area of expertise and they teach others “how” by having been successful in their given area.  Education is saturated with personal agendas, self preservation, politics and financial gain.  Subject matter is becoming more often taught based on theory, rather than from first hand, practical experience.  The more this happens, the further our society ends up in a downward spiral.

Music students need to remember - if you are an education major, you need to work hard to be the best teacher possible, and you should have a passion for teaching.  If you “must” major in music, but have no work ethic, be a performance major.  At least if you can’t play you will only hurt yourself.  If you teach and have no idea what you are doing - you do a disservice to all those assigned to work with you.

An analogy is the cassette tape.  Each time you make a copy of a cassette from the previous copy that has been made - it degenerates.  Soon there is nothing left but hiss.  Think about what happens to each generation of teacher as they offer incomplete information to their students.  It soon fades away…

WGBH Interview about Boston Tuba Christmas

Interview on WGBH Boston 11/21/12 about Boston Tuba Christmas

Boston TubaChristmas

Saturday, November 22, 2012

Details, locations and directions…

2 tuba and 1 euphonium spots left!

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